Hue: “The Bump”

Hue had me at “oooo Whoaaaaaa ohhhh.” The Canadian fivesome are set to self-release their third album, Starting Fires, on July 20, and I was really drawn in by the buoyant piano hook and backing chorus that begin “The Bump” with a bang. And when vocalist Danny Paton, Jr. sings Where you go, I will, I will, follow, my goodness, it’s solid gold. Hue has a sound that is instantly familiar, genuine and heartwarming. And man is that a refreshing bit of truth for my ears. “The Bump” has all the elements for which I’m a sucker: gorgeous piano melody, sing-along lead and background vocals, a steady beat and the kind of energy that makes me want to get up and dance.

The second song here is the album’s title track, and while it’s a little more subdued, the band’s gift for memorable hooks is still on display. It’s more of a grower, but it grew on me quickly. Hue make the kind of music that makes me recollect my simpler, pop punk days, but in a totally awesome way. Hue has toured in support of fellow Canadian indie bands like Two Hours Traffic, Mother Mother and Said The Whale.

While I keep listening to both of these on repeat, you do the same. And let us know what you think!

The Bump by hearhue

Starting Fires by hearhue

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