The Trouble With Templeton: “Old Habits”

I said it the last time I wrote about Thomas Calder, aka The Trouble With Templeton, but after hearing the latest taste he’s providing of his upcoming album, it’s even more true. Calder reminds me of another understated singer/songwriter named Thomas: Tom McRae. To me, that’s a huge compliment, because I’ll never forget falling in love with McRae’s album Just Like Blood years ago. The potential for Calder to create those kind of songs is certainly there, and I would submit “Old Habits” as exhibit A.

Calder’s soft, seemingly whispered vocals are met with lovely instrumentation here. First the strum of a guitar is all that supports him, but near the 60-second mark, we get more layered guitars and, eventually, some piano flutters into the mix. It’s a wonderfully simple composition, and it’s another reason I’m excited for Calder’s debut full-length, which seems to be on its way soon. Listen to the “Old Habits” below, and get a free download of it by visiting and liking The Trouble With Templeton’s Facebook page.

The Trouble With Templeton – Old Habits by The Wounded Jukebox

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