Sonic Stew #12(s): Childhood Shelves


This is a picture of Sarabeth Tucek.  She makes music that’s kinda of a downer, but it’s like listening to aural agony, and it’s amazing right after a late night of drinking with friends or if you just ran over a squirrel or something like that.  Anyway, I thought this picture was just all kinds of beautiful, and that’s why it’s up there.  But it’s also been about a year since the last Sonic Stew, and in an effort to outfox and outshine and just about “out” everything Sean’s upcoming Summer Mix (it’s purported to be life-changing, stay tuned) I, Matt, would like to share bunches of songs that are simply the above the bees knees and every other part of his leggings.  If you’re having a bad day, this mix will kill it and replace it with joy and Jedi powers.  Orange sound Lightsabers will come out of this mix and slice unhappiness into bitty pieces and then fill you will jellybeans.  And if that doesn’t happen, then the glass elevator has a glitch.

And they’re free and cost no money and they’re free.  Here’s to Lightsabers.

Sonic Stew #12 by The Wounded Jukebox


Austra – Lose It (Diamond Rings Remix) by Hypetrak

Theme Park – Milk by The Recommender



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