Video: Puro Instinct – “Stilyagi (ft. Ariel Pink)”

PuroInstinct_1I really can’t imagine 24-year-old Piper Kaplan and her 16-year-old sister Skylar being surrounded by anything but scenes of vintage excess: pink Lamborghinis, aviator sunglasses and people in leather jackets chewing gum to Suede tunes.  Together as Puro Instinct the siblings make music that plunges you deep into city nights during the 80’s.  And that pretty much sums up their brand new video for the single “Stilyagi”.  A Robert Smith spawn crawls across the neon lights and illuminated bridges of a urban background, while the sisters cheer him on.  And though you can’t quite understand it, “Stilyagi” becomes a rallying cry and an anthem for all the beleaguered and the lonely.

Puro Instinct – Stilyagi (Ft Ariel Pink) by RecordMakers

Puro Instinct – Everybody’s Sick by ginobc

Puro Instinct “California Shakedown” by writinginreverse

Puro-Instinct-Headbangers-In-Ecstasy (Headbangers in Ecstasy is available now from Mexican Summer Records)

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