Generationals: “You Got Me”

I’ve written about New Orleans indie-pop duo Generationals a couple of times, and their janglin’ single “Ten-Twenty-Ten” was among my favorites from the first half of 2011. Just yesterday, the duo released a free four-song EP Medium Rarities, which includes a chilled-out remix of “Greenleaf” as well as a muscled-up, sunburned version of “Trust.” And then there’s the ultra-chill feel of brand new track “You Got Me,” which caught my attention right off the bat.

The guitars that lit up “Ten-Twenty-Ten” are nowhere to be found here. Instead, we get an electronic pulsing and steady whip-crack beat to push the song’s hazy groove along. The vocals make me picture a group swaying back-and-forth onstage while performing on a beachfront stage, waves lapping at the show as they clap to keep the beat. Their audience wears warm smiles and, slowly, sways and claps along with them.

The whole EP can be downloaded here, for just entering an email address.

Generationals – You Got Me by The Wounded Jukebox

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