Son Lux: “All The Right Things”

The more I stumble back into listening to Son Lux’s album We Are Rising, the more astonishing it is to me that one-man band Ryan Lott recorded it in just 28 days. Not only did he do it in that span of time, he had to. Son Lux was asked as a part of NPR’s RPM challenge, and the scheduling crunch had to be the impetus for the album’s incredibly varied, sometimes scatterbrained but always interesting array of fabulous electronic soundscapes.

I’m fortunate enough to have a job where I can listen to music for an entire 8-hour shift. With my iPod on shuffle one recent Wednesday night, Son Lux’s “All The Right Things” popped into my eardrums. I remembered the song, but marveled at how I forgot how wonderful it is. The artists this song brings to mind — in the most flattering of ways, I assure you — is impressive. The off-kilter aesthetic and quivering vocals sound like St. Vincent to me, and there’s a certain John Vanderslice or Craig Minowa (Cloud Cult) feel to Lott’s voice as well. Some of the stray “oohs” and “ahhs” remind me of Yeasayer. There’s even a hint of Menomena, with the brilliant use of horns. What I’m trying to say is, Lott’s work on We Are Rising deserves to be heard.

My absolute favorite part of “All The Right Things” comes after a strange but spot-on woodwinds-and-electronics intro. At the 73-second mark, things bust loose into horns and a fuzzy electronic beat, and from there the song gets even better. I have listened to this track countless times, and I enjoy it every single time. And every so often, I hear something I didn’t before.. To me, that is a sign of its quality.

All The Right Things by Son Lux 

(We Are Rising is available now here.)

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