DOM: “Jesus” (Vacationer Remix)

dom-bandOur knights in blazing tropical shirts are still giving little away to fulfill our imaginations.  To date, the guys of Vacationer have exactly one song available to the public.   For those who have found the golden tickets, the wonderful “Trip” takes you for a sparkling canopy tour amongst the tropics.  But they ARE slowly inching their way into notoriety with grand custom of remixing and therefore being remixed.  DOM’s “Jesus” by itself is an adorable track that skips in line with some of the rhythms of soul music from 1940s.  Perhaps that’s giving it too much credit; it’s really just a fun song about feeling close to God after taking some really effective drugs.

For their take, Vacationer adds 33 seconds and a huge wallop of a Hawaiian folk tradition.  When I was really little, I lived in Hawaii for a couple years, and can still remember some of the outdoor concerts that featured choirs of Hawaiians singing in their native language.  It was beautiful and invigorating at the same time, and the touches Vacationer adds to DOM’s “Jesus” creates the same feeling.  Download the remixed track below and watch the brand new video Vacationer made for the song!

DOM – Jesus (Vacationer Remix) by FILTER Magazine

The Original:
DOM – Jesus by Posh Magazine

Vacationer — Trip by cohabit

Vacationer – Trip feat Evil B by Evil-B

Vacationer – Trip Remix by KMFC

You can also download the 58 minute Paradise Mix Vacationer made that includes tracks from Star Slinger, The Avalanches as well as some really cool vintage found sound and fun retro music.

[Official Website] [Bandcamp] [Facebook] [Tumblr] [Myspace]



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