Theophilus London: Timez Are Weird These Days

photo-credit-jonathan-mannion-extralarge_1308323761170Our favorite Hip-Hop renaissance man is releasing his debut album very soon! On July 19th, Timez Are Weird These Days will be available everywhere for fans of all types to sink into.  I first came across Theophilus London when i watched his clip for “Humdrum Town” and as I delved further I was continually impressed by the Brooklyn artist and his ability to keep fingers in jars of all genre styles.  If it’s not his Marvin Gaye infused “I Want You” and it’s not the psych-folk “Flying Overseas” (one of my favorite songs of the years so far) then it’s the Indie homage of “Why Even Try” featuring Sara Quin of Tegan and Sara.

And for his first LP, London is pulling out all the stops and barriers between what he’s done before and what he seeks to become.  “I Stand Alone” is London’s reaction to watching Gaspar Noé’s severe I Stand Alone.  “Last Name London” is a self-made banner day introduction with canyon cries backing a rare self-indulgent moment for London.  A grand invitation of love begs the phrasing of “Wine and Chocolates” like a big beckoning come heeeeeere finger.  But his “Girls Girls $” could be the raunchiest societal reaction heard yet from the artist, a bouncing dance floor hit nonetheless.  If for no other reason than the gumption he has to sing the chorus to his songs far more than other Hip-Hop artists, Theophilus London should be on your radar, and Timez Are Weird These Days is a must buy.

Sample and watch a slew of songs from the upcoming album, available digitally July 15th, but out in all forms July 19th 2011.

Theophilus London – Last Name London by TheophilusLondon

Theophilus London – “I Stand Alone” by TheophilusLondon

Theophilus London – Why Even Try (RAC Remix) by TheophilusLondon

Theophilus London – Humdrum Town by ChoiceCuts

Theophilus London – Cold Pillow by ChoiceCuts

timez-are-weird-these-days-extralarge_1310402505069 (Timez Are Weird These Days is available 7/19/11 from Warner Bros. Records)

[Official Website] [London’s Blog] [Facebook] [Twitter] [Myspace]



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