Loney Dear: “My Heart”

Sweden’s Loney Dear is one of those bands I can’t help but get excited about each time new material surfaces. One-man show Emil Svanangen has announced a new album, Hall Music, due out October 4 on Polyvinyl. First single “My Heart” hit the internets earlier today, and in typical LD fashion, it’s a sprawling slow burn full of subtle electronic and instrumental flourishes. What I latched onto immediately here is the bass guitar. It’s a simple line, but it’s ever-present here. Even as Svanangen’s whispy voice strains and emotes, and the beautiful chimes and guitars weave together, I still find myself bobbing my head to that bass rhythm.

The buildup to the song’s eventual crescendo is so rewarding, as bells reminiscent of those inside a giant church steeple ring louder and louder, some muted horns pop through the surface and Svanangen impressively pours out his heart. I am very excited for Hall Music, Svanangen’s sixth album, and I think you should be as well.

Loney Dear – My Heart by The Wounded Jukebox

Bonus: check out a lovely performance of “Young Hearts” as well.

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