AM & Shawn Lee: “Dark Into Light”


When Los Angeles vocalist AM heard London grove monster Shawn Lee on the local radio, he did the only sensible thing possible: emailed him and told him he liked him.  After a brief awkward period between bros, the pair hit it off in spectacular musical fashions.  Following much swapage of vintage 60’s and 70’s soundtrack music, the AM and Shawn Lee began bouncing transatlantic ideas back and forth in hopes of making a 21st century record.  The early result can be heard on their brand new single for “Dark Into Light”, a shimmering electrosoul meets shoegaze moment that paints constellations where there should and ought to always be.  The single also includes the hip-pop “Spin It Around” which adds a bit of Ukulele and sunshine to the transformative mixture Lee and AM do so well.  For music entirely pieced together one step at a time from across two sides of a country and an ocean, AM & Shawn Lee set your ears at a remarkable ease.

Watch the whole collaborative process for “Dark Into Light” and listen to both tracks from the single below.

Dark Into Light- AM & Shawn Lee debut single by AMSOUNDS
You can download this song for the price of an email/”like”/retweet here.

Spin It Around- AM & Shawn Lee by AMSOUNDS

frunk65_AMSLsinglecover_2 (The Dark Into Light single is available now from ESL Music)

[Official Website] [Facebook] [Twitter]



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