Cataldo: “Rock of Calvary”

(C) Hayley Young Photography If your girl left you, and then immediately after your best friend decided to give his friendship bracelet back, you too might up and move to Seattle, grow a beard and write music under a moniker.  Eric Anderson is Cataldo, the chief wordsmith amongst the clans of singer/songwriters.  It didn’t help that all three of them lived together: a sense of the ground falling out under you tends to occur.  So in his new Washington city, he wandered and began anew, pouring heart ache into his writing and meeting new people, which Anderson calls “life’s sacred experience – happening upon people you care for and who care for you.”  All of these experiences -the loss and the subsequent renewal- became his brand new album, Prison Boxing.  As Cataldo, Anderson’s ability to mix emotions until songs become encapsulated life lessons and teachable moments makes his music required listening for a healthier you.  This is especially the case on “Rock of Calvary”, where lighthouses of wordplay and oceans of banjo, trumpet and mandolin create a scene that reflects a troubled past but a brighter possibility in knowledge.  The song also features past tour mate Laura Veirs, who lends her aerial vocals to Anderson’s to addictive effect.

“Rock of Calvary” is an excellent introduction to a great artist.  Download it for free below.

Cataldo – Rock of Calvary by The Wounded Jukebox

And if you need further convincing, watch Cataldo perform the 1st track off Prison Boxing, “Deep Cuts”.

(Prison Boxing is available 9/20/11 from Red Pepper Records)

[Official Website] [Bandcamp]



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