Laura Marling Announces New Record

Laura_Marling_resize_jpg_643x450_crop_q85 Just today a new trailer was released featuring English songstress Laura Marling back in blonde, giving us a teaser of new material from her forthcoming third LP, A Creature I Don’t Know.  From the sound of the title track featured in the video, and recent live performances of 5 new songs, on September 13th the Ethan Jones produced album will give us more of Marling’s gorgeous world-weary songwriting we’ve come to love and accept.  Right now, you can pre-order the CD, LP or a whopping box set that includes a DVD of live sets and every conceivable form of the 10 songs, courtesy of Ribbon Music.

Download a passable remix of “A Creature I Don’t Know” and a live version of “Night After Night”, another new song from the album, both below.

Laura Marling – A Creature I Don’t Know (Remix) by Robert How

Laura Marling – Night After Night (Live) by The Wounded Jukebox

And if you haven’t seen the short film featuring interviews and Marling’s trek through India, you should do that, here.

Tracklist for A Creature I Don’t Know:
01. The Muse
02. I Was Just A Card
03. Don’t Ask Me Why
04. Salinas
05. The Beast
06. Night After Night
07. My Friends
08. Rest In the Bed
09. Sophia
10. All My Rage

Laura Marling - A Creature I Don't Know (A Creature I Don’t Know is available 9/13/11 from Virgin Records)

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