Young Yeller: “It’s Enough”

This latest self-released track from Brooklyn’s Jesse Brickel, aka Young Yeller, has plenty going for it. Its heart-on-sleeve lyrics (Looking at your face, a face that told me lies I never will forget. It’s enough. There’s no reason I should be in love) that speak of irresistible attraction to someone, in spite of their having wronged you. Its twinkling background bells and synth beat. The dynamite drums from a classically trained percussionist. But what hooked me to “It’s Enough,” even on the first listen, is the magic of Brickel’s sing-along “da da da da da da.” That single part, oft repeated here, implanted itself in my brain and refused to leave. It ties everything together, and it’s pure gold.

Brickel is trickling out singles as he prepares to release his debut EP, Make Me,  very soon. All his tracks that are available for consumption can be nabbed on his bandcamp page. I, for one, am excited to hear what the EP has to offer. Hopefully more sing-along moments like the ones on “It’s Enough.”

Young Yeller – It’s Enough by The Wounded Jukebox

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