Tropics: Mouves EP


With an exhale and a twinkling rhythm, Chris Ward simultaneously moves and stills me with “Mouves” from his recent EP as Tropics, the night-gliding surveyor of all that is neon and bright at night.  The Mouves EP is a prelude to his debut album out this Fall, featuring a remix from Keep Shelly in Athens who injects plenty of atmosphere and even some robotic dissonance and another from Fatty DL, who shows expertise in looping and re-layering the spinning mirrors in “Mouves”.  It also includes a bonus track; “Celebrate” which has the slowest and laziest grind set to 80’s guitar fretting I’ve ever heard.  It’s best danced to in slow motion.  As for the title track itself, “Mouves” and its companion video make me smile and stare in slightly agape wonder.  Not absurdly agape though…that would look silly.

Watch, listen and download below.

Tropics – Mouves by The Wounded Jukebox

Tropics – Mouves (Keep Shelly in Athens remix) by Keep Shelly in Athens

Tropics – Mouves (FaltyDL Remix) by smashmastersen

Tropics Live @ Glastonbury – Mouves by yesnomusic



tumblr_lml4xmck8M1qau2m1_1307787345_cover (The Mouves EP is available now from Planet Mu Records)

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