Elk and Boar: Room to Start

Elk and Boar are the epitome of Northwest music. They have the folk, the old timey feel, a beard/mustache (Travis), the wildlife name, and even a little bit of soul (see Kirsten Wenlock in “The Power of Gospel video bellow). But they still manage to create a new, fresh, and soothing sound with their collaboration. Kirsten Wenlock and Travis Barker, based out of Tacoma, WA, are both talented musicians individually, but together they are at a new level. As there blog says about the project:

“Our project needed a name. We scanned my attic for inspiration. There on my desk sat our two shot glasses. I had always favored the one with the elk on it, Travis liked the boar. He is year of the boar so that makes sense for him and I… don’t know. Elk is fun to say and it ends with the letter my name starts with. Elk and Boar. Hmmm~ sounds Scandinavian too, probably means something wonderful in Swedish! It was settled quickly. All at once, our music had wildlife on its side.”

I’m impressed by the simplicity of their songs, and yet you can feel the passion that they put into their music. I hope to see them come out with more stuff soon. Check out coverage of Elk and Boar on this cool site for new music 1Band1brand and listen to their entire album on ReverbNation.

Elk and Boar – “Thief” by soundonthesound

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