Alex Winston: “Velvet Elvis”

resizedcThe raven-haired beauty with a child-like voice has a new song about loving an object soooo much, it leaves you “All Shook Up” living in “Heartbreak Hotel”…eh?…eh?  Alex Winston has been and continues to tease her fans with small releases ever since 2007; an EP here, a new single there.  In a way, it’s a great way to keep the attention buzzing, but it doesn’t allow listeners to invest emotionally.  For now, we’ll have to survive on morsels she feeds us, because they’re really good when they come.  Winston has a new EP on the way; the Velvet Elvis EP is due out September 5th…just in time for school.  The lead, “Velvet Elvis”, is an ode to one of those murals depicting Elvis in posthumous romparounds with Jesus or The Dude.  Let it not be said Alex Winston is without a sense of humor, however odd it may be.  It’s a catchy tune, check it below.

Alex Winston – Velvet Elvis by AlexWinstonOfficial

Also on the EP, will be a remix of “Velvet Elvis” done by the best quaffed man in the biz, King Charles, and a brand new song: “Fire Ant”.  And there’s a video coming soon too (pics from the shoot here).


Here’s the King Charles Remix, and another with Caribbean flair for good measure.
Alex Winston – Velvet Elvis (King Charles Remix) by AlexWinstonOfficial

VelvetTouch by J.Familiar

Alex Winston – Sister Wife (Les Loups’ Untitled Remix) – Universal Island Records by Les Loups

You Can’t Hurry Love (Supremes cover featuring Alex Winston) by The Knocks

alex-winston-velvet-elvis (The Velvet Elvis EP is available 9/5/11)

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