Summer Camp: “I Want You” / “Better Off Without You”

Summer CampJeremy Warmsley and Elizabeth Sankey never wanted to go public.  The two old friends only tinkered around with a few covers at first.  “We just did it and put it online under a fake name. We didn’t want our friends to know we did it because we were embarrassed. We never expected the songs to get huge.”  But with a cult following that loves basking in the vintage flair, Summer Camp is well out in public now with songs like “Young” and “Ghost Train”.  The duo never really went to a proper summer camp, rather they draw from the ideals and old commercial footage of all they have/had to offer.  Their newest pair of songs take a side-step off that nostalgic track a bit and feature two contrasting emotions front and center with plenty of bright, glossy production behind them.

“I Want You” is as simplistic and bold as they get: a person really really (over) wanting another.  It stutters and staggers with synth, struggling to decide which is focal point: Sankey’s words or the distorted, horror flick soundtrack behind them.

Summer Camp – I Want You by Ragged Words

“Better Off Without You” spins and leaps into another time, when the girl doesn’t want you anymore, and savagely tells you so with a catchy song and her best gals performing a choreographed hand jive in the background.  Sankey’s voice is the best its ever been on this track; high and lofty.

Summer Camp – Better Off Without You by felix-5

Round the Moon – Summer Camp by modernromance

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