The Abrahammer: How Dubstep Music Destroyed My Life


God bless those who work to consolidate our art.  With two ears and only one frontal lobe, it’s long been the frustration of music lovers that we can only listen to one song at a time (what justice is that!!!).  In our time of greatest need, Pittsburgh’s The Abrahammer has come to save us.  On his new mash-up album, How Dubstep Music Destroyed My Life, which as he explains, “doesn’t have anything to do with dubstep”, Abrahammer blends 150 samples of some the best newer/older songs/themes into 50 minutes of condensed cultural goodness.  Over fourteen tracks, you’ll hear everything from Lil Wayne mixed with The Postal Service (“I’m Still on the Cake”) or the theme from Zelda mashed with Outkast (“Stray Dog and the Legend of the Best”).  My favorite is “You’re My Diamonds, My Honey”, which drops Jay-Z and Ol’ Dirty into the middle of some samples you have to hear to believe.

You can download the whole mash-up for a little “favor” here.

howDubstepAlbumCover [Official Website] [Facebook] [Soundcloud] [Twitter]



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