Video: Urban Cone – “Urban Photograph”

Urban Cone

“Hay Lads!  Let’s mount up in ar parti Saab aund do rump and rollick in the sunds aund meados of our homeland!  Wears yur skinni canvase blues!”

This is probably exactly what the fellas of Stockholm’s Urban Cone said when they set out for their shoot.  It’s hard to tell if the video for their very first single, “Urban Photograph”, is a performance piece or purposely set to look like a tour around the morning lands for the sake of scenery, but Rasmus Flyckt, Magnus Folkö, Tim Formgren, Emil Gustafsson and Jacob William Sjöberg sure look like they’re comfortable going to great lengths to give a song it’s due setting.  And it makes me a little jealous; wishing to have a group of mates that would wake up early and just drive around in the dawning light for the sake of music.  In any case, “Urban Photograph” is an utterly Scandinavian tune with excellent keyboard and percussive workings behind it.  The band formed less than a year ago, and they’re already signed to Universal Music, so keep an eye(s) on them.  This could be the (cricket pause) beginning.

Along with the song, the single for “Urban Photograph” features two remixes by Video Violence (bloody awful) and Lucas Nord (fairly swell).
Urban Photograph by UniversalMusicSweden

Urban Photograph – Video Violence remix by UniversalMusicSweden

Urban Photograph – Lucas Nord remix by UniversalMusicSweden

And there’s a mysterious “other” video, with a smaller title for the song, which leaves you to judge the better clip.

artworks-000008495218-sc9s41-original (The Urban Photograph single is available now)

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