The Staves: Facing West EP


My head currently throbs from pounding the ground with sharp-pointy cleats, so I have absolutely NOpatience for sharp-pointy music.  Those varieties are evil and wicked in this moment, but may be up for parole in the future.  What a sore brain needs is sounds from the likes of The Staves.  English and sisters all: Emily, Jessica, and Camilla Staveley-Taylor harmonize in a way that could bring immediate world peace and debt ceiling agreements if only the right people could hear it.  Sean told me about these ladies a long while ago, and they aren’t world famous yet…so that’s all kinds of wrong.  “Mexico” off their Facing West EP is the best salve for my rebelling temples, and perhaps even “Facing West”, but not “The Fire”, it drummmmms.  Yes they’re cute and blah blah poppycock-blah.  What really counts is the fact they make amazing things (songs/harmonies/vibrations) that make your mind go…[contented] siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh.

Mexico by The Staves

Facing West by The Staves

The Fire by The Staves

The Staves are tucked away in London right now, recording their proper debut album, which is due out this year.   “Winter Trees” will be my favorite off of it.

 Staves_EP_packshot (1) (The Facing West EP is available now)

[Official Website] [Myspace] [Twitter] [LastFM]



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