Grown-Ass Man Hippie: A Pictorial Bonnaroo Retrospective

 Oh by the way, did we mention that The Wounded Jukebox had a press pass to this year’s Bonnaroo Music Festival?  Oh we didn’t?  Sorry ‘bout that.  It might have been because we barely survived those four days in the Tennessee sun, and needed these several weeks to claw our way back to a logical reality.  Unbelievably, we had access to the areas beyond the famous orange walls, where press conferences, sound booths, radio broadcasts and executive iced coffees were all available to those that had a special wristband doohickey.

In the weeks since, nothing life has thrown at us even compares to the utter marathon Bonnaroo was.  You think sleep will be part of your day?  Nay.  You plan on being any sort of clean and sex-able?  Nope.  Leave your rubbers at home, cause the Bonnarites are there for music, illicit substances and seldom else.  Maybe it was the tutu I was wearing, but I couldn’t get knee deep in a debate about Les Claypool’s market appeal before I would get propositioned for Mary, Jane and Lucy by my opponent.  And with heat-stroke your ever-present shadow, going from show to show to midnight/2am show, was in a word: interesting.  But while we were there, we managed to take some pictures, conduct some interviews and gain some perspective on the scope and meaning of music today.  If before I was a baby hippie, thanks to Bonnaroo, I am now a grown-ass man hippie.

But the main reason we’re telling you all this  is our desire to mention the amazing photographer we brought along for the ride.  John M. Seyal is known around town for taking light and twisting it to his whimmy whims; often taking one color and swirling it throughout the photograph until it resembles a rainbow smoothie.  He’s really very talented and we were lucky indeed to have him with us.  Take a gander at the pictorial retrospective of our time at Bonnaroo below.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

You can see more of John Seyal’s photography and contact him at his website:



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