Blitzen Trapper: “Love The Way You Walk Away”

Whenever I listen to Blitzen Trapper, I envision a band full of bearded dudes playing on the porch of some remote cabin in a woodsy community somwhere in the Upper Northwest. Women and children make their way from the living room or the kitchen when they hear the banjo strumming and harmonica whining outside their windows. Those on their way home from work stop to tap their toes awhile as this merry mix of musicians tell tales of starry-eyed love and having one too many at the local bar before stumbling home. Why do I picture this, despite it obviously being a fantasy? Because I think the Portland fivesome hearken back to simpler times, and they write compelling, melodic songs with pretty remarkable consistency.

Blitzen Trapper’s newest effort on Sub Pop will be out on September 13. I feel like news of the band’s latest album snuck up on me initially, but now it seems I get an email two or three times a week reminding me it’s coming. And that’s okay by me. I’ve enjoyed the band’s first two rootsy folk rock thoroughly, and the first two singles from American Goldwing have me believing it’ll soon become three.

Grab “Love The Way You Walk Away” and title track “American Goldwing” below.

Blitzen Trapper – Love The Way You Walk Away by subpop

Blitzen Trapper – American Goldwing by subpop 

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