Joshua Hyslop: “Nowhere Left To Go”

Joshua Hyslop sings the kind of songs that make women swoon and make men get in touch with their feelings. The Vancouver-based folk singer has released his first EP, entitled Cold Wind, and single “Nowhere Left To Go” should give you a pretty good idea of what you’re getting on the short-player. There’s warm production, Hyslop’s voice is closer to Damien Rice than it is to Sufjan Stevens though there’s elements of both, and there are some strong but subtle touches here. Namely the gentle banjo strumming and some nice string accompaniment that fills all the right gaps.

Hyslop’s whisper-soft but crystal clear croon illuminates some of those nagging insecurities we all feel, and the toughness we all need to move past them. When there’s nowhere left to go, the only option is to create somewhere new. And that can only start within. See? I told you he’d make dudes get in touch with their feelings. Check out “Nowhere Left To Go” below.

Joshua Hyslop – Nowhere Left to Go by nettwerkmusicgroup 

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