Video: Oh Land – “White Nights”


Nanna Øland Fabricius is Oh Land, a Danish singer-songwriter that builds her craft heavily in the Pop genre, but somehow seems to defy it at the very same time.  Her eponymous album, Oh Land, has been quietly conquering since March; winning hearts and minds with its earnest and joyous collection of songs.  For her newest single, Fabricius made the excellent choice to seek out CANADA to direct her music video for “White Nights”.  His past work for bands like Battles, El Guincho and Scissor Sisters has made him famous for the way he strings two ideas together in very random successive montages that feature massively imaginative sets featured for mere seconds.  The result is always a grand sense of wonder and bafflement (all remarkably done with little to no special effects).  But as Oh Land, Fabricius sought him out on her own terms.

With her dreams as the template, the video for “White Nights” is a reconstruction of the world in her mind; one that blends the natural and the technical.  Oh Land herself gives us more details on the shoot.

In this video I explore these two opposite worlds in my dream and my imagination and I start mixing them together so they in the end become my world of oh land.
For the first time in 7 years I did choreography again an had to learn steps and routines for nearly 6 hours a day. It was very intense and fun to use dance in a whole other way.  One of the things about this video that I’m proud of is how everything you see is actually happening. No post effect butterfly or house splitting in two. Everything you see is built and created for this video which is why I spent 10 magic days in Spain. This is the product of it and I hope people will feel invited in to my crazy world .

Expand, crank up the resolution and enjoy.

Oh Land – White Nights (Max Tundra Remix) by musicadodia

Oh Land – White Nights (Twin Shadow remix) by PopDash

Oh Land – White Nights (K.Flay Remix) by kflay

Oh Land (Oh Land is available now from Sony Music)

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  1. #1 by on August 17, 2011 - 10:19 AM

    I absolutely love Oh Land!! I’ve recently been hooked on using Spotify to stream her music non-stop! I was sent a link to a site that is giving away free subscriptions of the program: Oh, and after signing up be sure to subscribe to the College 101 playlist, it has a great variety of upcoming artists 🙂

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