Giraffage: “Polar Bear”


Naps are nice.  Especially when you’re reading and they sneak right up and tackle you like a fuzzy kitten.  I always have a nap-hangover afterwards, where I stumble around for a few incoherent minutes, still tangled in the throes of daydreams.  It was in this state I first heard the newest track from San Francisco’s Charlie Yin, aka Giraffage.  “Polar Bear” sneaks up on you in the same way, with a smile full on its face [sentence about the song tickling you retracted].

Polar Bear by Giraffage

Also check out Charlie Yin’s other other: Robot Science.
Robot Science // Shine by Joshua Bote


cover_thumb (The Pretty Things EP is available now)

[Giraffage Website] [Bandcamp] [Facebook] [Soundcloud]



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