Feist: “How Come You Never Go There”

The soothing sound of Leslie Feist’s voice is back! And she is, in her own gentle and gorgeous way, calling her lover out. “How Come You Never Go There” — complete with jazz-piano riffing, horn accents, fantastic cymbal-and-kick-drum percussion and even a dynamite low-key guitar solo — is the first official taste we’ve gotten of the long-awaited new record from the Canadian songstress, which is called Metals and drops October 4.

In her softest moments, I feel like Feist is whispering in my ear. On “How Come You Never Go There,” her voice meanders from her trademark staggered, sultry whisper to her loudest, which isn’t all that loud. But it sure is powerful. Feist manages to be both subtle and spectacular, and after hearing this first single, I am completely on board for the release of Metals in less than two months. This song feels at several points as if it’s on the verge of bursting. But it never does. And it’s surprising how satisfying that tension is.

Check out “How Come You Never Go There” below.

How Come You Never Go There by Feist 

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