My Brightest Diamond: “Reaching Through to the Other Side”


There are people in this world that simply can’t be from it.  They’re only visiting, with one foot here and the other back in the Narnias and Middle Earths and Phantásiens of the multiverses.  I’m fully convinced that Shara Worden, My Brightest Diamond, is one of those beings.  Her style, voice and presence in a room is larger than the physical should allow.  Flying in the face of all this, Ms. Worden is a recent mother, reportedly giving birth to a soundtrack of classical and baroque compositions, singing and humming all the while.  Her kid got one hell of an introduction to the world.

My Brightest Diamond has a new album coming out on October 18th called All Things Will Unwind.  From it, her very first single comes: “Reaching Through to the Other Side” is a stutter step orchestra piece, towering with a spiritual Turgor pressure. Download the wonderful track below.

My Brightest Diamond – “Reaching Through to the Other Side” by Creeping Wave

Here she is performing “Reaching Through to the Other Side” at the recent Music Now Festival in Cincinnati, Ohio.


Beatles cover:

My Brightest Diamond – Everybody’s Got Something To Hide Except Me And My Monkey by twirm

 my_brightest_diamond_-_003 (All Things Will Unwind is avialable 10/18/11 from Asthmatic Kitty Records)

[Official Website] [Twitter] [Myspace]



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