Icarus Himself: “On Your Side”


I sometimes worry my ears are far too weak and vulnerable to the pretty girls that sing and play instruments, but suddenly I am relieved, because these three gentlemen sound mighty perdy.  Vocalist Nick Whetro, drummer Brad Kolberg and multi-instrumentalist Karl Christenson are the trendy Power Rangers that form together to become the mighty Megazord of a band: Icarus Himself.  If you’ve ever found yourself in a stupor of any sort, you know how much of the world becomes suddenly too forceful and harsh.  “On Your Side” is neither of those, with a constant and steady malaise of percussion, bass and appeasing vocals.  It’s beautiful in its own slo-mo seascape kind of way.  It’s entirely normal (and altogether perfect) to imagine the mythological Icaraus falling gently to the ocean to this song; flames dancing the whole way.

Stay baited for their October 11th sophomore album, Career Culture.  Rumors (us) say it’s thunderously good.

Icarus Himself – On Your Side by PlanetaryOnlinePR

cover (Career Culture is available 10/11/11 from Science of Sound Records)

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