Sophie Madeleine: “Oil & Gold”



The brightest, kindest souls are those attracted to the Ukulele; the instrument with the happy sound.  Sophie Madeleine is a Brighton artist with one such soul.  Her voice is pleasantry auralized, and her sense of musical style she uses  it in is wonderfully unique.  Paired together, you’ll be gently wrapped in warmth by her new album, The Rhythm You Started.  I love the key changes Madeleine uses on “Oil & Gold”; they’re a perfect example of just what she’s got hidden in that tiny case.

Sophie Madeleine – Oil & Gold by dynmk


I was wandering her 30 Days of Covers Project for hours today, watching her versions of great songs like Bon Iver’s “Skinny Love”, Death Cab For Cutie’s “I Will Follow You Into the Dark” and Cults’ “Go Outside”.  Be very sure to check it out.




sophie-rhythm2 (The Rhythm You Started is available now from Xtra Mile Recordings)

[Official Website] [BandCamp] [Facebook] [Twitter]



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  1. #1 by Konstanty on August 24, 2011 - 5:26 AM

    Triple nice: song, voice, Woman 🙂

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