Deportees: “Islands and Shores”

Deportees. Fr v Thomas Hedlund trummor, Peder Stenberg sång, Mattias Lidström klaviatur, Anders Stenberg gitarr. Foto: Elin Berge

I purposely unbuttoned a few extra buttons on my button-down collared shirt, leaving a bit of chest hair exposed when i visited Scandinavia as a teen.  I thought it was oh-so-European of me and schtuff.  And while I visited the Vasa, and walked around the streets hoping all the painfully gorgeous girls noticed my fluff, what I SHOULD have been doing is running far and fast away from that boat tour; diving headlong into the Swedish music scene, and never coming out.  I’m so very constantly amazed at the light and sun they manage to pack their songs with.

The newest fascination orbits around  Umeås, Sweden’s Deportees.  Up until recently they’ve been brandishing a Marvin Gaye style of Country-Pop, full of harmonies and a little Nashville grit.  They’ve kept the harmonies, but left the twang behind, crafting a gem of a title track in “Islands and Shores”.  ANYtime pulsing guitar and pacing drum is combined with an orchestra, songs outgrow their confines, reaching a little higher towards something divine.  For me, “Islands and Shores” escapes its separate elements of lyrics and instrumentals and becomes an entity altogether different: an anthem for a constant love.

BEWARE! the build up and explosion of strings at the 3:20 mark.  It will slay you down to your toes.

Deportees – Islands And Shores (New Single) by UniversalMusicSweden

Also very likeable:

artworks-000010751993-7g445p-crop (Islands and Shores is available stateside 11/08/11 from Universal Music AB)

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