The Mast: “Wild Poppies”

Matt Kilmer is the percussive half of Brooklyn’s The Mast. Kilmer lists four different kinds of drums as his weapons of choice, including a djembe. It the percussion that gives The Mast’s debut album Wild Poppies, as well as the title track, its fullness and flavor. When the tribal-sounding drums enter the room around the 40-second mark on “Wild Poppies,” I immediately hear strands of another male-female duo I fell in love with just a couple of years ago: Viva Voce.

Haale, The Mast’s female half, lays a solid foundation with an electric guitar melody on “Wild Poppies.” Kilmer’s percussion explores the land above that melody. And Haale’s vocals weaves its way through the track to fill in all the gaps. Watch the video of the pair recording the song below, and you’ll get a feel for how all the elements blend together. Grab “Wild Poppies” below and stream Wild Poppies as well.

The Mast – Wild Poppies by The Wounded Jukebox 

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