Luke Temple: “How Could I Lie”

The man who Ben Gibbard said has one of the prettiest voices in indie rock is apparently one of its hardest workers as well. At the same time Luke Temple was developing the songs that would become the band Here We Go Magic’s wonderful debut, he was unplugging and constructing some gorgeous lo-fi tunes for a new solo record as well. Far from the sonic, reverb-laden tracks of HWGM, the songs on Temple’s solo album Don’t Act Like You Don’t Care — which will finally see a release date on September 6 thanks to Western Vinyl — are lo-fi gems. Temple’s lovely voice completes a puzzle with pieces like acoustic guitar, twinkling piano and the kind of production that makes the listener feel like they could be hearing an intimate live performance in their very own living room.

That Temple could switch gears like this with ease is impressive. That the first two singles, “Ophelia” and “How Could I Lie” indicate this record will be stellar is the kind of thing that fills me with joy and anticipation. I had no idea that, when I saw Temple and his fellow bandmates kill it at a Here We Go Magic show earlier this year, that he had beautiful folk tunes just sitting in his repertoire. Keep an ear out for Don’t Act Like You Don’t Care. It’s going to be special.

Luke Temple – Ophelia by The Wounded Jukebox

Luke Temple – How Could I Lie by The Wounded Jukebox

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