Video: The Middle East – “Jesus Came To My Birthday Party”

It’s an odd thing, to be writing about how good a band’s music is and how they were gaining lots of fans, just as news spreads that they have decided to call it quits. While they formed in 2005, perhaps it should’ve been clear that longevity wasn’t quite in the cards for this wonderful outfit from Queensland, Australia. They had disbanded once in 2008, but returned a year later and hung around until July 31, when they gave their final live performance. But that doesn’t mean their first-ever full-length album, I Want That You Are Always Happy, doesn’t deserve the recognition it’s getting.

The Middle East make music that is earnest and affecting. Their brand of folk leans on steady melodies and a cast of talented musicians, and that talent earned them gigs with Mumford & Sons, Laura Marling and dates at Bonnaroo and Coachella. So while we’re sorry to see them go, this beautiful and simple video is a fine farewell. Check it out below, and also check out the mp3 of “Jesus Came To My Birthday Party.”


Jesus Came To My Birthday Party by tmemusic

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