Memoryhouse: “Quiet America”

I picture this track by Memoryhouse, with its dreamy atmosphere and use of little found-sound touches (gently falling rain, the click of a tape reel reaching its end), as the perfect song for the pivotal moment in a romantic movie. The slow keys echo and fade in waves, and the vocals of Denise Nouvion are so gentle, so airy, that they wash over you as well. The soundscape created by Memoryhouse’s composer half, Evan Abeele, lasts all of two minutes, but as I repeated “Quiet America” over and over, I couldn’t help but feel comforted, like the song was holding me gently and rocking me to sleep. Music naturally creates moods, and it’s hard to get more peaceful and serene than this one from Memoryhouse.

Abeele and Nouvion are re-releasing their EP The Years on September 13 via Sub Pop, with two new songs added to the tracklist from the original. It’s hard to believe that music this straightforward, this calm and comfortable, can be so affecting. But that’s one of the things that’s special about “Quiet America.”

Memoryhouse – Quiet America by subpop 

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