Montpelier: “China Shop”

Way back in February, we featured the Montpelier song and video for “Last Boat” on our TWJ Super Bowl Mix. The boys from Brisbane, Australia are back with another folksy tale about the perils of young love. Seems to me the song deals with that tricky balance of letting the sparks of an old relationship fade because it’s for the best — letting the past lay where it belongs, in memories. And judging by the lyrics, that can be a tough thing to do.

“China Shop” is, in fact, a song five years in the making for Montpelier. The group began composing the tune in 2006 when in Ireland, and wrapped it up earlier this year. The lengthy gestation period is evident in the song’s subtle touches: some chimes enter and fade away, a synth-line flutters beneath the surface for just a bit at one point, and guitars strum for the shortest of intervals at various times. Greg Chiapello’s vocals move from low and looming to silky and soaring as the song rises and falls, and by the end one feels like they’ve been told a short love story.

Montpelier – China Shop by Montpelier 

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