The Best of Matt’s August (2011)

Mont Saint MichelThis, is Mont Saint Michel.  Which, thanks to Rick Steves, the Fabio of travel, is one of most incredible things I’ve seen all month.  If you’re intuitive, this gives away a simple and very embarrassing fact: that given all the possible things I could be doing in life, much less the television shows I could be watching, I choose to watch National Business Report with Susie Gharib and Tom Hudson at 7:00pm followed by Rick Steves at 7:30pm on PBS.  I roll hard and economical.

School also started back up this week.  Which means instead of waking up and writing about music, said music has to eek and squeak it’s way into my life through the phone or on those secret breaks when I’m supposed to be placing big red letters of judgment on tree slices.

August was a last hurrah and the waste-away and the vanishing twelfth and vacant reminder of a month.  But these are the songs made it great.

1. Bon Iver & St. Vincent – “Roslyn”

When you’re waiting for a new record, you sometimes backtrack in an attempt to remember.  “Roslyn” is a gentle slap in the face for ever forgetting.

2. Born Ruffians – “Little Garçon”

Red, Yellow & Blue is an album I return to time and time again.  Partly because the Born Ruffians follow up, Say It, was so disappointing.  It’s becoming readily apparent that even as an adult, you never really feel like you’re grown up.

3. John Hawks – “A Bible in the Thorns”

Swell folk from a Swedish secret weapon, John Hawks.  Big nods at for this one.

4. Shenandoah Davis – “So Many”

Her voice embodies so many of the singers I’ve gawked over in the past, her lyrics are altogether other-worldly.  And best yet, she knows exactly how to use a string quartet.  Full review of her fantastic The Company We Keep coming deservedly soon.

5. Jessie Baylin – “Hurry Hurry”

Love love love every moment of this.  Baylin murmurs perfectly inside a capsule of 50’s allure.   Full credit goes to the short film La Prochaine Fois for the discovery.

6. Wye Oak – “Holy Holy”

Oldie but a goodie.  Yes, I would like to “know” you.

7. Roy Harper – “Francesca”

One of the best voices I’ve heard in years, Roy Harper brings all the obligatory Nick Drake references to mind, and then makes me very sad that I know not a single Francesca in all the world.

8. You Can Be A Wesley – “Talking Science”

This song makes me feel hip and youthful as I hop-skotch from side to side.  Which is strange, because I am only one of those things.

9. The Go! Team – “Apollo Throwdown (Star Slinger Remix)”

Star Slinger culls the edge off of The Go! Team’s threat to overpower your senses.  It’s the beat Mr. Slinger leaves running in place in the background that shines a bit of the cosmos throughout the nodal tones.

10. Howlin’ Woods – “BOSS”

The Jew Harp intro to the darrrrty slow grind is what makes the list.  I have no idea where this song came from, but many thanks to you sir (it IS a sir).  Oh wait, here we go, two sirs…

Download/stream these songs from our SoundCloud page, here.

Here’s to a great September!



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  1. #1 by Antoine Georgelin on September 4, 2011 - 2:09 AM

    I’m happy to see the wonderful Mont St Michel, my girlfriend lives close to it. Yes, we read you in France ahah!
    Nice playlist by the way.

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