Surfer Blood: “Miranda”


I have currently aten too many cookies, which by all things realistic, shouldn’t be possible.  This has left me with a gooey feeling in my stomach: a perfect time for a take-me-away-from-this song to do its job. Florida’s Surfer Blood, who look even younger in person, are tossing you a new EP entitled Tarot Classics on October 25th.  It has all the goodness from Astro Coast but also the spirits of The Sandlot Tilt-A-Whirl scenes and British cravings for one-named girls.  “Miranda” opens a viewfinder into the world of ruin left by said named fembot.  In which Miranda has not the kindness nor time for the antagonist of our ballad.  Heh…glad I just have a gooey stomach.  99 problems…



Long ago, during a session for Halfway House Music, Surfer Blood snuck out the lead track from Tarot Classics, “I’m Not Ready”.  Watchify it below.


Surfer-Blood-Tarot-Classics-11 (Tarot Classics is available 10/25/11 from Kanine Records)

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