The Grates: “Turn Me On”

_MG_8598  For a band that has been all smiles and fanciful colors since 2006, Brisbane, Australia’s The Grates have most certainly entered a new phase in their life cycle.  With the departure of drummer Alana Skyring, and their continuation as a two-piece, the time has never been more perfect for a change, and singer Patience Hodgson and guitarist John Patterson swing for the fences on their third and latest; Secret Rituals.  For years, The Grates have been an extremely high energy powerhouse of dance moves and on-stage gymnastics; sharing their enthusiasm and joy with the audience.  But now we see the new duo taking a more passive role, asking something for themselves instead of giving so much.  The lead track “Turn Me On” (and most notably the video for it as well) kneels down in void devoid of color and reveals the stark emotions of need, desire and exhaustion.  But as with everything The Grates do, it still manages to be incredibly powerful and catchy for thine ears.  Give The Grates a little of your time and download/watch “Turn Me On.”

Lord knows they deserve it.


The Grates – Turn Me On by The Wounded Jukebox



The Grates - Secret Rituals (Secret Rituals is available now from Dew Process Records)

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