Video: Slow Club – “Two Cousins” / “Where I’m Waking”


There’s a band somewhere in that picture, I promise.

If I could be youthful and liberal for just a moment, I personally, and this is not necessarily the view of the entire TWJ staff (don’t blame them for my oddity), am very happy that homosexuals can get married and have legal unions recognized by governments at the various state and federal levels.  All those happy couples seen on television after New York granted nuptial rights made my idealistic heart smile.  But for all my generation-i (iTunes, iPod, iPad, iNernet) qualities, my ignorant mind can’t help but picture those same pairs of men and women doing exactly what happens in the new video from Slow Club for “Two Cousins.”  When they get home from work, they really do dress up in their finery and dance the authentic Charleston in their living rooms right?  They do it on weekends, Tuesday nights and when they suddenly remember they’re legally married right?  If I was suddenly able to marry the person I love after years of frustration and waiting, that’s what I would do.

By the way, I have no knowledge if the two dancers in the video are “fierce” or not.  They rather look like brothers to me.

Oh, and the song.
Slow Club – Two Cousins by Popfrenzy
And another video from Paradise.  “Where I’m Waking” is good and stuff.  Rebecca’s got makeup, Charles has a beard and there’s a couple mirrors.

paradise-packshot-lst089951 (Paradise is available 9/12/11 from Moshi Moshi Records)

[Official Website] [Facebook] [Rebecca’s Blog] [Blog de Charles]



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  1. #1 by Anonymous on September 22, 2011 - 3:13 AM

    Hello, one of the dancers is my brother, the other isn’t.. Nor my cousin

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