Candice Gordon: “I See A Demon”

candy1As much as we can here at The Wounded Jukebox, we like to get an artist’s permission before we post their music.  But on some especially auspicious occasions, we contact them just so a secret part of our brains can say we talked to the voice in the song/the figure in the video.  It’s a little perk for having the ridiculous privilege of blogging about music (we love our penniless jobs).  Such was the case with Ireland’s Candice Gordon and her song “I See A Demon.”  It lives in the same smoky world as a Tom Waits ripper, documenting the shapes the darkness can drift into when your eyes stare for too long.

Candice Gordon – I See A Demon by The Wounded Jukebox

And her video, and I do mean HER video, “was self animated in a flat in Berlin using acetate sheets, a marker, a camera, and a lamp. She drew the images with pencil, then traced over the drawings, took thousands of photographs, and edited each one to create the reel.”  It’s really well done.  Note the great uses of color.

The title track from her upcoming debut album, Before The Sunset Ends. Love the brass on this Shane MacGowan featuring fellow.
Before the Sunset Ends by Candice Gordon

COLOURS_AND_LEVELS_BALANCED4 (Before The Sunset Ends is available 10/11)

[Official Website] [Facebook] [Twitter]



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