Video: Youth Lagoon – “Montana”

I’m late to the party on Youth Lagoon. But man, I’m gonna stay for the whole thing. The slow buildup and emotional punch that 22-year old musician Trevor Powers has perfected on the three songs we’ve heard so far from the forthcoming LP The Year of Hibernation make me giddy with anticipation for the full-length record. And having just watched the wonderful, touching video for the song “Montana,” I’m nearly convinced I’ll be moved in dramatic ways by what Mr. Powers has to offer when his debut hits shelves on September 27 via Fat Possum Records.

It could be the fact that Powers’ vocals — which often sound like they are arriving as echoes from some faraway land — remind me so much of Ben Cooper from Radical face that drew me instantly in. But while that similarity might have been what grabbed my ear initially, it’s the lyrical power and the wonderful timing of Youth Lagoon’s compositions that made me hang around. The songs rise and fall in all the right places, and the transitions are almost always subtle, and always satisfying.

The video tells a powerful story of loss, and how long those kinds of wounds can stick with a person. It is beautifully done; the visuals are spot on, and the narrative is strong and gripping. I loved it. Stream three songs including “Montana” and watch the video below as well. You can download “July” and “Cannons” for free at Youth Lagoon’s Bandcamp page.

Youth Lagoon – Montana by The Wounded Jukebox

Cannons by Youth Lagoon

July by Youth Lagoon 

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