Fanfarlo: “Replicate”


All hail the mighty Bob Boilen of NPR’s All Songs Considered, for his net casts in all the right directions. It was He that introduced me to UK’s Fanfarlo just in time to hear all the accolades in response to their 2009 Reservoir. Two years later, they return with a new song, “Replicate”, and it appears like a silent figure wisping out of the closet at night with big, i’m-gonna-do-some-really-weird-things-to-you-and-your elbows kind of eyes. The first third of the track toes a build-up, complete with Efterklang-esque string/piano/clarinet mascots appearing for brief glimpses, and proper orchestral machinations saving the day; but by and large, the song is just creepy in a way that makes me want to guard my potted plants. Fanfarlo is no less amazing though, and “Replicate” will go nicely in your mp3 pocket. There are still Arcade Fire references to be had, just not here.

Fanfarlo – Replicate by Pretty Much Amazing

Enjoy an anatomy lesson and submarine ping resonances in the matching video for “Replicate”.

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