Video: Mire Kay – “So You Learned”


One of my biggest regrets when I was in Ireland (for a Josh Ritter concert primarily), was not stopping the tiny backwards car and running off into the green wilds to get lost and changed and absorbed.  You can have Dublin with all its crowds and pubs, give me an Irish forest and time to sequester.  Sweden’s wonderful Mire Kay have the same attitude in their brand new video for “So You Learned.”  We raved about the Fortress EP, from which this song flowers from, and we still very much think you should go buy the EP IMMEDIATELY due to how much it sounds EXACTLY like Laura Veirs and Bjork collaborating in a secret barn nestled between Icelandic mountains.

“So You Learned” is one of my favorites off the EP, if only for the images it can conjure in a willing mind.  Emelie Molin and Victoria Skoglund float in the Ekerö forest outside of Stockholm in the Mats Udd directed clip for it; drifting in light and mist.  All the instrumentation you can hear, but can not see, is actually being performed by the spirits of the wood around the women.

Mire Kay – So You Learned by The Wounded Jukebox

This video is gorgeous.  Do your eyes and heart a favor and raise the resolution to 720, enlarge and be absorbed.

mirekayfortress500_thumb (The Fortress EP is available now)

[Official Website] [Facebook] [Bandcamp]



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