Trwbador: “Sun In The Winter”

Any band that drops a Roald Dahl reference when describing their sound — and isn’t being facetious — has at least got my attention. After listening to Welsh duo Trwbador, I realized I could totally hear these songs playing on James’ iPod whilst he sat in the giant peach. The two adjectives that best describe the band’s sound are, again, self-supplied. Those would “cute” and “scary.” Listen to the shaky, spliced backbeat that sounds like it’s being piped through an old record player, and the tip-toeing, deliberate vocals supplied by Angharad Van Rijswijk and I think you’ll agree. When Van Rijswijk stretches out her vocal chords a bit more in the song’s final 60 seconds or so, she almost sounds like Joanna Newsom.

Trwbador began their own label called Owlet Music when a label deal fell through in 2010. The Sun In The Winter EP is the second short-player that Rijswijk and cohort Owain Gwilym have self-released. This pair’s music is oddly charming, in somewhat the same way that friend who makes all her own clothes by hand is considered fashionable but also a bit eccentric. What I’m trying to say is I like it. Check it out.

Trwbador has made “Sun In The Winter” available for download, and you can stream the EP’s other three songs below as well.

Sun In The Winter by Trwbador

Sun In The Winter EP by Trwbador 

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