Summer-Winter: Bewildered

summer-winter pic 2

When a breeze hits you, there’s a hidden moment when the wind is running across your face/through your hair that you feel superbly alive.  Some of us need that sense of air circulating in our lives to avoid feeling stifled, and stuck: a hand out the car window/ a ceiling fan on in the winter.  Terry O’Hara expertly evokes those feelings and sensations of wild movement on his new record, Bewildered.  Under his moniker Summer-Winter, he constantly sings and instrumentally wanders from the center of an aural Autumn laced field, taking the time to explore under every root and leaf.  And beautiful stages for sound are set on each song, where violins, cellos, banjos, mellotrons, and pedal steel guitars can paint rural backgrounds behind condensed breaths and flocks of migrating birds.  Album stand outs like “Yer Dead”, “Shine” and “Drink Till the Drinking” are superb in their patience, allowing the music to seep out and permeate before O’Hara and Co. light their match.  There isn’t another record I’d rather have with me on a drive through the Fall suffering back roads than the wonderful example of spirit on Bewildered.

Stream/Download it via Bandcamp here.
Summer-Winter – Yer Dead by The Wounded Jukebox

Summer-Winter – Shine by The Wounded Jukebox

Summer-Winter – Tricks by The Wounded Jukebox

FINAL8(Bewildered is available now)



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