So Long Summer, Hello Autumn: A Hodgepodge

The official start of Fall in the United States and Canada is September 23. So if you’ve got a few things left to accomplish on your Summer To-Do List, take heart — you’ve got just more than a week left. The following collection of songs admittedly has little rhyme or reason, other than they are tunes I discovered or grew to love while the sunny days and Summer storms rolled through Ohio. You might be able to tell which ones popped up near the end, as they’ll have a bit more of that Autumn swoon.

All of the tracks can be downloaded below. You can also find them all on our Soundcloud page, along with more than 100 other songs. So as the air gets crisp and chilly, soak up a final few rays with these tunes. Go ahead, get nostalgic. It’s a Summer tradition, after all

So Long Summer, Hello Autumn: A Hodgepodge by The Wounded Jukebox

BONUS MATERIAL!!! Videos for tracks 4 and 5 of this mix, and another mp3 goodie!

This is Carter Tanton of Tulsa and Lower Dens fame, with a solo track! Tanton will spend his Fall touring with The War On Drugs.

Carter Tanton – Horrorscope by The Wounded Jukebox



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