AM & Shawn Lee: “Somebody Like You”

Feeling extra funky on this wonderful Friday? Well we’ve got a couple tracks that should fit your mood pretty perfectly. The transatlantic duo AM & Shawn Lee liked each other’s work enough to piece together an entire album, namely Celestial Electric, which was released on ESL 10 days ago. That’s an apt title, because as Matt hinted at a couple of months back, these dudes make music for gazing out that space shuttle window to see galaxies in the great beyond. With “Somebody Like You,” Lee’s grooves burn slow and steady, and AM supplies chilled-out falsetto vocals that bounce along with the beat.

The second track is a cover of the Ozark Mountain Daredevils hit from 1974, “Jackie Blue.” It’s a nice tambourine-tinged and crunchy-riffed take on the original, with Lee’s distinct space-age touches shooting across the background. The song was covered by The Smashing Pumpkins way back when as well.

AM & Shawn Lee – Somebody Like You by AMSOUNDS

AM & Shawn Lee – Jackie Blue by AMSOUNDS 

(Celestial Electric is available now from ESL Music)

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