Lucy Rose: “Scar”


I know the obvious “delicate flower like a rose” is right there, oh so obvious and perfect for the snipping and vasing and all, but it really does take a tremendous amount of strength to leave home and strike out for the big London city to make and share your heart via music.  It just so happens the heart of Lucy Rose is heartbreaking.  The expressions and voice that flow from it have a severe unrequited love quality about them; strong enough to draw sympathy from any human listener.  Her second and newest single, “Scar”, isn’t of the catchy persuasion, but rather a dear and secret letter found in a drawer of a girl with the strength to only write to and for herself.  But that’s the difference here; Lucy Rose can share those thoughts with everyone, and that combination of secret honesty and forthrightness is altogether alluring.


The new single from Lucy Rose is available on iTunes on the 19th of September with a special physical release on the 14th of November.  “Scar” features Jack Steadman from Bombay Bicycle Club.
Lucy Rose – Scar by Lucy Rose

The video for “Scar” directed by Orestes Mitas, in which Rose takes me home to meet her folks and we smash things not meant to be smashed, jump in pools of many sorts and wander along the Thames:

Another, in which she sound just as wonderful in person, and the shaker girl needs heavier sunglasses:


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  1. Stream the new Lucy Rose single ‘Scar’ on Soundcloud

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