Video: Anna Calvi – “Suzanne and I”


Beyond all the cries for Mercury prizes and James Bond theatrical theme features, Anna Calvi is deserving of something far more important: your continued attention.  None of the new artists of the past decade can even come close to approaching her voice and its timeless quality.  The Pop divas will be popular now, and eventually fall into Adult Contemporary, but Anna Calvi is already hidden behind the mists of dreams and the ethereal; something no chart nor rank nor publicity agent is ever capable of doing.  And she did it; she became something above all the bullshit, simply by singing.

“Suzanne and I” is the second Calvi song off of every correct list of 2011 favorites (flame war), and the third to get the video treatment from her eponymous debut album from Domino Records; a record label known for being especially choosy whom they sign.  And while the video for “Desire” still has my vote for one of the year’s best, the story of two girls and their bond under threat been illustrated in wondrous fashion.  Directed by Romain Chassaing, and choreographed by the young Lionel Hoche: swirling curtains of gold and black with great backdrop lighting (2:10) force you to continually remind yourself you’re actually watching a carefully scripted dance.  Temptations will lead you to believing that both the song and the video are about a torrid and wrought love affair between two women, and though it’s true much of Calvi’s music has a strong sexual undercurrent, here it actually goes a little deeper than that.  Anna Calvi had this to say:

Suzanne and I, for example, is about falling asleep, meeting someone in your dream, and never waking up. It’s actually about death.

Ok, much deeper than sex.  An amazing voice in an amazing song, now with an equally eye amazing video.

The new single for “Suzanne and I” also includes a cover of the Burt Bacharach and Luther Dixon song “Baby It’s You”, done in a whispered open mic manner.  It’s delicious. Listen to/grab both tracks below.
ANNA CALVI – Suzanne And I by Pias France

Baby It’s You by Anna Calvi

tumblr_lqc1b9qlaL1qbxyupo1_1314021340_cover (The Suzanne & I single is available now from Domino Records)

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