Video: Kings of Convenience – “Me In You”

Kings Of Convenience PNG

Quiet, acoustic harmonies have power in certain situations: close encounters with the attracted sex, quiet moments by thyne self performing nostalgic tasks and most notably, sunsets.  But with even the slightest of extraneous external volume or a sleepy eye, they fall by the wayside: overpowered or under exerted.  Such is the lot of Norway’s Kings of Convience, populated by Erlend Øye and Eirik Glambek Bøe.  They’ve been making some of the best music that you’ve barely been able to hear since ye olde 1998 and three albums ago.  Their latest, Declaration of Dependence, features the subject of a new video for album forerunner “Me In You”.

Shot on the roof of Eirik’s house in Bergen, Norway, it begins with a simple rooftop performance with a view, and suddenly turns into much, much more.  Using a motorized flying device called an Octocopter (named so for its 8 propellers and assumed improved flying stability) video director Panorama Hardanger gives you a brilliant tour of the world surrounding.  It’s an excellent pairing of music and images brought to you by THE FUTURE!…and remote controlled flying robots.

While “Me In You” is super, it is far from the best track on Declaration of Dependence.  That would be reserved for “Mrs. Cold”…and possibly “24-25” too.
Kings of Convenience – Mrs. Cold by aljaffe

kings of convenience-24-25 by animatefran

declaration-of-dependence (Declaration of Dependence is available now from Astralwerks Records)

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